Monday, November 21, 2011

S/mileage “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!” Dance Practice

S/mileage "Please Miniskirt Postwomen" dance practice video uploaded by S/mileageChannel

I really like the sound of the preview. I wish when the song is released English lyrics will come out soon~!
But i heard Tomodachi in there so the song may mention a friend in there a few times. And i think i heard kawaii not sure, because oh how it echoes. But I think Fans will be happy that S/mileage uploaded this video.

I think the dance was different, but wonderful, the purses were falling apart a little bit though, maybe those aren't what they will  use in the MV, Those may be for just rehearsal. I cant wait to see the costumes for it. I'm so excited to see the MV now.

I also really like how the 2nd generation members got solo lines this time. But, when i watching it i wondered if Meimi Tamura was the leader of the 2nd Generation like Kudo Haruka is for Morning Musume's 10th Generation. I was thinking that because S/mileages leader , Ayaka Wada, And Meimi were singing in the beginning. One  Thing I want to point out, I think Kana needs to practice more on her dancing, I think if she keeps trying and works even harder she will be a great dancer, but that's it her singing was great.

I hope S/mileage will do this again, because it's better than a radio rip for many reasons. One is, We get to see the dance and how hard the girls work. The second is We get to see who is singing, winch we normally don't get to see in a radio rip, unless it's color coded or something. Overall i like the PV and I hope to see more videos like this in the future, and the single gets released on Yuuka's birthday, 12/28.

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