Monday, November 28, 2011

Maeda Yuuka's 2nd PB Announced, “See You-karin"

Maeda Yuuka's 2nd Photobook announced "see you-karin"

At fist the title confused me. "see you-karin" who's karin?? I got the see you part~ but not the Karin part. After saying the title over and over again, i realized the title. Yuuka's nick name is Yuukarin. so the title has her nickname in it. I found the title really cool for that.

The title Already explains it self, with the see you part. This will be Yuuka's 2nd and last PB. Even though her graduation is on 12/30 I find it cool that she is coming out with a new PB. I hope Fans think of this as a momentum of Yuuka, and her Graduation ceremony. Maybe she'll have T-shits and a group PB, like they did for Ai-chan. I'm not sure they will, mots likely not. But i hope fans enjoy this New PB of Yuuka. It's set to release on 12/20

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