Saturday, November 19, 2011

S/mileage audition Review

I kept meaning to make a review on the S/mileage 2nd generation audition, so I guess here it is~
First i want to say don't get upset with my opinion. Second This review will be long.


First off, i want to say Kana is one of my favorite 2nd generation s/mileage member. But in this video she cant really sing. She now the lyrics, and she can sing good, but i think the reason she seems bad in this video is because she was nervous. If she was more confident I think she would have sang a lot better. But What happened is what happened. I'm just glad she made it into S/mileage.

Rina's audition really stunned me, i had no idea she could sing that good. I fell like she was also nervous thats why i feel like she may have mumbled a bit. But Other that that, she was good. I only thing that was wrong is that the you tube video says Katuta not Katsuta.

Akari is just like Rina. They were both Hello! project eggs, so i think it's great they made it into S/mileage.
When i first say the Audition videos i posted this comment:

she's one of the few sub-members who can sing :DD

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