Saturday, November 19, 2011

E-Hello DVD previews

E-Hello DVD previews

Yurina Kumai E-Hello DVD "A day in Autumn"  PV released.

Fomr what i can tell~ the video will be all outdoors ~ and it's going to be another smile and walk type of DVD, which i'm kinda bummed about. I think Yurina should be getting a DVD like Momoko's. (below) But i cause not. But Fans will still be happy to see Yurina get a DVD since she hasn't released anything within a year.

Momoko Tsugunaga E-Hello DVD PV released

The begging of the vidoe made me laugh, for all momo-chii lovers it said. 
This is one E-Hello DVD i want to get, It has dialogue and i think it may have some laughs in it. I wish all E-Hello DVDs were like this. One reason is, it has a purpose and it's not just a stare and the camera and smile type of DVD. I hope all Momoko Lovers buy this DVD

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