Thursday, December 1, 2011

S/mileage “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!” CM released

The S/mileage "please miniskirt postwomen" CM released

First before i start my review, i want to say thank you for looking at my blog for updates,. It makes me happy to see I have many people following my blog. I hope you guys tell your friends about my blog, it will make me very happy. Please continue to support my blog, and be sure toy share your opinions my commenting  :)

The CM for this song is 30 seconds, very short, but remember the MV will be out soon. The people who stood out to me most of all was Meimi, Kana, Yuuka, and Kanon. The other members seemed to have blended in to me for some reason. I was really proud of Kana, mainly because when we saw the Dance practice she was lost and a lot of youtube comments were mean, which i disliked a lot. But She really proved them wrong by dancing like a professional. And plus her hair looked adorable in 2 braids.  Meimi  looked Kawaii (cute) and Seemed really happy. I'm proud she got to be a lead singer with Ayaka in the beginning . Yuuka and Kanon stood out to be too, because it's Yuuka's last single before she graduates and plus Kanon was my favorite S/mileage member.

The dance we already saw in the dance practice, so like before, i think the dance was cute and wonderful. But they still used the same bags, of course newer ones then the one from the dance practice, it makes me wonder if they fell apart when filming the dance shot. The background for the dance shot was cute. it had balloons, packages etc. 

Overall Seeing this CM made me want to see this MV even more. The release date for this single is 12/28.

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