Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Berryz Koubou going downhill?

*this blog post will have lots of videos and be very long*

First off, i want to say, that im a really big fan of Berryz Koubou. But lately, I've felt like, Berryz Koubou has shown their awesomeness in their last 2 singles. Their Sales have gone DOWN, alot! But no one has a real reason why it has though~ Many people said it was the dancing, and it's not like c-ute because the have 5 members and not 7, that why cute has harder dances. And we all Know that's not true, look at Morning Musume, they have more than 10 members in their group, and they still get hard dances. So let's compare these dances, shall we;

Im going in order by the past 2 singles. all except Morning musume

Ok~ This dance was very plain, it was pretty, but i didn't see anything that made me thing it was cool or special. one review said "This was  dance boring and It seems like the girls were prissy, and didn't want to get their outfits dirty or ruined" [ i did not name the article] I dont like it when people say stuff like that, but They just don't dance like they used to..

I like this song a lot~! The lyrics meant a lot to me, but what kind of dance is this?! honestly, i didn't like this Dance. The girls don't need to shake their rear-ends to make us happy~ Maybe a few guys like this dance, most girls didn't. The girls are very pretty and don't need to dance this this at all! 

This is a wonderful dance~! Yurina was finally in the middle since shining power. This is a kind of Dance the girls should be doing, it was nice, colorful, and had a mysterious look to it~! ^0^  The only problem is that the girl's dance went downhill, and yet we still have no idea why...

Now let's look at C-ute

I found this song very bright and cheerful, something Berryz Kobuou has been lacking these past two singles. 
The dance was complicated to do. And that makes them look like Professionals at dancing. I hope they keep up the good work

This Dance was also colorful and happy! ^0^ The dance was really less complicated, but it was still funt to watch~!!

Morning Musume
Since i don't want you guys ot keep reading, and i want to wrap up my review watch these 2 videos, if u didn't already XD

Both of these dances are well done! they are unique and wonderful. And they all have at least 9 members in it. And Berryz koubou has only 7....


I think that Berryz Koubou has improved over the years~! All the girls have. but now some people think they have a bad girl image and they don't. I wish they had harder dances like Morning Musume or C-ute, and i Hope they release a new single soon~ but i wish they song will be happy and not be involved with love, since it seems all the songs in Hello!Project do or at least mentions a Boy in their song. So, I want to see Berryz Koubou Improve and strive to get those sales increase, instead of decreasing! : DD

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