Sunday, January 29, 2012

WE Moved

I know this is sudden, but I have moved to a wordpress.I have been thinking about moving my blog somewhere else, but  i didnt know where. I tried tumblr. but i realized people can reblog my post, and i didnt like that. so We moved to a Wordpress. please follow Me at here

It's still under construction, so please be patient. It should be up and running in About a week. I hope it will be ready in time for me to review the new singles, im going to buy in a few days  from It will include all new Release from Buono!, S/mileage. and Morning Musume. and a old single From Berryz koubou.

Please Follow my wordpress site. I hope one day S/mile Berryz Koubou will be a international blog everyone will love

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